United American Petroleum Secures Funding And Provides Operational Update

Austin, TX, March 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United American Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB:UAPC) ("UAPC" or the"Company") is pleased to announce that over the last forty-fivedays it has secured financing from two different funding sources,JMJ Financial and Asher Enterprises, Inc.

JMJ Financial provided the Company $50,000 inconnection with a Promissory Note and may lend the Company anadditional amount up to $310,000 under the note. Asher Enterprises,Inc., via a Convertible Note, provided UAPC with $103,500 offunding at an interest rate of 8% per annum. Detailed informationregarding these funding initiatives can be found in the Company'srecent Form 8-K filing, filed with the Securities and ExchangeCommission on March 7, 2013.

Michael Carey, Chief Executive Officer of theCompany, stated, "This funding affords the Company the opportunityto focus on its production efforts and allows us to expedite thescheduling of workovers on the Company's leaseholds. To date, wehave been extremely successful in increasing production throughworkovers of existing wells and will utilize these capitalcontributions to continue fulfilling our business objectives. Weare extremely pleased to have met the investors lending criteriaand are delighted to have them on board with us for potentialfuture endeavors."

As a result of the funding, UAPC is pleased toannounce the immediate scheduling and preparation to beginworkovers on three leases: Merrick Davis, Lane Heady andCrouch.

The Merrick Davis lease is 300+/- acres locatedin Shackleford County, Texas with acreage that will allow foradditional potential new drills in the future. There are currently12 oil wells producing approximately 6-8 barrels (BBLS) of oil perday on the Merrick Davis lease. The Company plans to performwellbore cleanouts, stimulations and replace outdated and brokenequipment to ensure all wells are back online and producing at highcapacity. UAPC estimates post workover gross production to beapproximately 15-20 barrels of oil per day.

Lane Heady is a 557 acre lease located in ErathCounty, Texas with 1 gas well to be worked over and room foradditional drills. The Company plans to perform wellbore cleanout,stimulations, and replace outdated and broken equipment to ensurethe well is back online and producing. UAPC estimates post workovergross production to be approximately 150-200 thousand cubic feet(MCF) of gas per day.

Crouch is a 325 acre lease located in ErathCounty with 1 gas well and room for additional drills. Currentlythe well is not producing, but the Company plans to performwellbore cleanout, stimulations and replace outdated and brokenequipment to ensure the well is back online andproducing.   UAPC estimates post workover grossproduction to be approximately 150-200 MCF of gas per day.

Ryan Hudson, Chief Operating Officer of theCompany, stated, "During 2012, the Company significantly increasedproduction volumes to their highest levels in the Company's shorthistory and is further encouraged by its expected productionincreases of approximately 50-70% from planned workoversprocedures. With continued efforts to return current assets toproduction, we should be able to continue to increase monthlyrevenues, thereby solidifying the bottom line of United AmericanPetroleum Corp. On the whole, this financing supports the Companyin executing its corporate goals of growing shareholder value."

Michael Carey also stated, "We continue toimprove UAPC's operations.  The scheduled workovers on MerrickDavis, Lane Heady and Crouch should significantly advance ourproduction and growth, allowing United American Petroleum Corp. tosecurely establish a stable stream of revenue with a goal ofobtaining future profitability.  We plan to workover in excessof 100 wellbores from various leases, which is consistent with our2013 business plan."

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About United American PetroleumCorp.

United American Petroleum Corp. is an independent exploration,development, acquisition, production, and operating companyengaged in advanced exploration, drilling and completiontechniques to explore for, produce and develop domestic oiland natural gas reserves.  The Company's strategycenters on increasing shareholder value through activelypursuing and developing high-potential acquisitions for drillingand production while maintaining a prudently managed balancesheet.   The Company's current projects are inTexas, however, additional acquisitions may encompass activeplays throughout the United States.

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