3 M&A Targets for Yahoo!

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Since Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo! ( YHOO), she's only done a few small acquisitions, known as "acqui-hires." However, that might change very soon.

AllThingsD reports that Yahoo!'s Jackie Reses, who heads the tech giant's M&A team, let slip at a company event that Yahoo! is working on two "significant" acquisitions and perhaps as many as six smaller talent "acqui-hires." (Reses, incidentally, also heads HR and was part of the firm's controversial work from home policy).

Mayer has bought Stamped , a mobile review site, Snip.it, an online content organization company, and OnTheAir, a videoconferencing startup. These were all tiny transactions, though, and Yahoo! has a growing cash pile. The comany's cash haul was around $6 billion at the end of the fourth quarter, thanks in large part to a partial sale of its Alibaba stake.

With an increased cash pile, continued optimism surrounding the company, and the prospect of more money to come (from additional sales of its Asian assets), Mayer is eager to strike. Here are a few companies I think she could acquire with all her new found money, before it burns a hole in her pocket.

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