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City National Bank Reading is The way up 2013 Literacy Grant Recipients

California Teachers, Schools and Literacy Project

  • Nicole Hasenbein, Alhambra High School, "Reading Sparks More Learning"
  • Shelia Sutton, Mark Keppel High School, "Overcoming Hardships"

  • Eric Slay, Betsy Ross Elementary, "The Super High-Interest Reading Library!"

Apple Valley
  • Elizabeth Aburto, Yucca Loma Elementary, "From Sci-Fi to Science"

  • Debbie Hill, Gladestone Street Elementary, "We Like Reading About Real Things"

  • Gina Claudeanos, The Academy, "The Academy K-8 Creative Writing Project"
  • Joal Arvanigian, Oxford Elementary, "Notification Books for After School Reading Club"

  • Nicole Scheppers, St. John Eudes, "Words Their Way"

  • Maggie GrosJean, Glen Oak Elementary, "Really Radical Reader"

Culver City
  • Tina Rezac, El Rincon Elementary, "Listening to Learn: Reading with mp3 Players"

  • Ruth Mischkot, Encino Elementary, "Exploring American History Through Fiction"

  • Laura Eckels, Reidy Creek Elementary, "Informative Writing Using the Common Core Standard"

  • Mike Jaffe, Verdugo Woodlands Elementary, "Dual Language Literacy Library"

  • Carrie Brumfield, La Fetra Elementary, "RIF"

  • Laurel Dreher, Hawthorne High School, "Text and Images"

  • Linda Santillan, Colonial Acres Elementary, "A Gentleman's Club"

  • Jae Kim, St. John Chrysostom, "Bringing Books to Life"

  • Amy Fedderly, Myford Elementary, "Readers Workshop with Non-Fiction Books"

La Canada
  • Claire Lawyer, The Hillside School and Learning Center, "Access to Auditory Texts for all Students"

Long Beach
  • Damita Myers-Miller, Jackie Robinson Academy, "Science Beyond the Bell"

Los Angeles
  • Vanessa Bedolla, Vista Charter Middle School, "Motivating Young Readers"
  • William Bertrand, Solano Avenue Elementary, "Read With Me Book Club"
  • James Carmicle, Hollywood High School, "Turn It In Plagiarism Program"
  • Diane Cordingley, Rockdale Elementary, "Estella's Swap-Rockdale Elementary"
  • Paula Cordoba, Aldama Elementary, "Accelerated Reader"
  • Karen Cusolito, Hollywood Senior High, "Supplementary Books"
  • Marina Duff, Young Oak Kim Academy, "Rocket Readers Lift Off"
  • Greg Gero, Farmdale Elementary, "Soaring Hawks Reading Club"
  • Karen Gibler, Esteban E. Torres High School, "Kick-Off to National Team Read Week"
  • Katy Hickman, City of Angels, "Circle of Silence Author Visit and Book Getaway"
  • Myrtle Keefe, Wonderland Ave. Elementary, "Wonderland Treasure Trove of Reading"
  • Sheila Lewis, Woodcrest Elementary, "Focus-Read-Comprehend"
  • Terry Moren, Kenter Canyon Elementary, "Books for Boys"
  • Jill O"Brien, Carthay Center Elementary, "Building Our Class Library"
  • C. Pinfold, Carthay Center Elementary, "Classroom Library"
  • Fred Quintrell, Hollenbeck Middle School, "STEM Career Pathways: Classroom Literature Project"
  • Stacy Robbins, Canfield Avenue Elementary, "Reading in the Round Literature Circles"
  • Vivian Salvi, Farmdale Elementary International Baccalaureate World School, "Lending Libraries"
  • Carol Tanzman, Bushnell Way Elementary, "Estella's Swap-Bushnell Way"
  • Laurie Tobenkin, Hollywood Senior High, "Turnitin Plagiarism Program"
  • Kira Walker, Open Charter Magnet School, "Avatar: Legend of the Bookbenders Readathon"

  • Bonny Schleicher, Steller Academy For Dyslexics, "Today's Science"

  • Cynthia Reichwein, St. Linus School, "Accelerated Reader for All"

  • Stephanie Robillard, Westlake Middle School, "First Annual Westlake Teen Choice Awards"

  • Michelle Flowers, Orchard Park School, "Books to Build the Foundation of Reading"

  • Margery Ricards, Rio Mesa High School, "Blogging About Books"

  • Erica Silva, Bert Corona Charter School, "We Are Readers"

Pico Rivera
  • Karen Arellano, North Park Middle School, "Literature Circles"

  • Chris Lee, Pleasanton Middle, "Audio Books and Software"

  • Kathy Bowman, Polytechnic High School, "What Happened to Volume 17?"
  • Tracy Lech, Loma Vista Middle School, "Loma Vista Middle School Book Clubs"
  • Mary McAllister-Parsons, Twinhill Elementary, "Creating A Path of Success with Birthday Books"

San Diego
  • Sharon Fargason, Fay Elementary, "Independent Reading"
  • Lia Mueller, High Tech High Media Arts, "Urban Food Forest"
  • Margaret Noble, High Tech High Media Arts, "True Stories"

San Francisco
  • Mark Isero, City Arts and Technology High School, "Bystanders and Upstanders"

San Gabriel
  • Jeanette Johnson, Emperor Elementary, "Goo-Goo for Graphic Novels"
  • Karen Johnston, San Gabriel High School, "I'd Rather Be Reading"

San Jose
  • Mary Martinez, Herbert Hoover Middle School, "Reading Campaign"

San Leandro
  • Lynne Kennedy Mullen, St. Leander School, "John Steinbeck Immersion Trip"

San Mateo
  • Rosemary Stuebing, St Timothy School, "Literacy Circles"

Santa Monica
  • Michael Browning, Saint Anne School, "After School Literacy Project"

San Ramon
  • Megan Keefer, Dougherty Valley High School, "Artist in Residence – Cal Shakes"

Simi Valley
  • Denise Aiani, Garden Grove Elementary, "Tolerance Through Literature"
  • Bonny Porter, Knolls Elementary, "Literacy Projects"

Solana Beach
  • Michelle Glenn, Santa Fe Christian Schools, "R&G are Dead, but Literature Lives!"

  • Adina Braatz, St Cecilia School, "iPad YouPad"

Valley Village
  • Sari Goodman, Adat Ari El Day School, "Book It"

Walnut Park
  • Rigoberto Vera, Academia Moderna School, "STEM Fair"

West Covina
  • Olivia Carrillo, St. Christopher Parish School, "Progress With Reading"

  • Alice Love, Oralingua School for the Hearing Impaired, "Hi-Five Readers Project"

Nevada Teacher, Schools and Literacy Project

  • Julianne Szabo, J.L. Bowler Elementary, "Books for a Happier Life"

  • Kelley Welykholowa, Gene Scarselli Elementary, "Kan-do Kin-dle Kids!"

  • Diane Lizotte, Fay Galloway Elementary, "The Reading Café"
  • Alicia Clarke, Frank Lamping Elementary, "Literacy Materials"
  • Rebecca Williams, James L. Gibson School, "Book Club"

Las Vegas
  • Jamie Butler, William & Mary Scherkenbach Elementary, "Reading Blog Book Club"
  • Kelli Compton, West Career and Technical Academy, "Online Learning Application Project"
  • Michelle D'Alessio, Roger Gehring, "Wonderful World of Words"
  • David Frydman, Helen Jydstrup Elementary, "Reading is The Way Up for Science"
  • Abbe Elwell, Kay Carl Elementary, "Project Nonfiction and Informational Text"
  • Jessica Gandy, Biltmore Continuation High School, "10 Minute Reading Breaks"
  • Dawn Gustafson, Explore Knowledge Academy, "Big Books Build Better Readers"
  • Michele Haldeman, Wendell P. Williams Elementary, "Soaring Like An Eagle Reading"
  • Jill Kotas, Manueles Cortez Elementary, "Reading is Essential"
  • Colleen Martinson, Dell Robinson Middle School, "Reading and National Geographic Explorer"
  • Jenny Rivera, Rex Bell Elementary, "Kindergarten Daily 5 Literacy Program"
  • Janice Ross, Jack Dailey Elementary, "Time 4 Kids Newsletter"
  • Patty Rosales, Arturo Cambeiro Elementary, "Informational Text for Independent Readers"
  • Heather Scheer, Joseph Neal Elementary, "STEM Books"
  • Bobbie Sepulveda, Centennial High School, "Scholastic Reading Counts Books"
  • Teresa Sorani, William Ferron Elementary, "Building a Multilevel Nonfiction Classroom Library"

  • Katharine Shipley, Douglas High School, "Kindles to Increase Literacy"

North Las Vegas
  • Karen Egger, Fay Herron Elementary, "Apps for iPads"

New York Teacher, School and Project

  • Amy Feinstein, High School for Violin and Dance, "Writing South Bronx Lives"

New York City
  • Adma Kinory, School of the Future High School, "News at 10 Creating Student Journalists"
  • Nicholas Kuroly, Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, "Boys Read"
  • Rahcel Tsivitis, Lower Eastside Preparatory High School, Lower Eastside Prep Book Club"

Staten Island
  • Vicky Fioravante, P.S. 16 John J. Driscoll, "eBooks in the Classroom"

  • Kayla Witman, Waverly Middle School, "Waverly Book Club"

Georgia Teacher, School and Project

  • Kamaria Shauri, Peachtree Charter Middle School, "Literature to Increase Learning"

  • Brenda Rich, South Cobb High School, "Reading Can Be Fun, Pass It On!"

  • Sabrina Grant, West Newton Elementary, "Comic Relief: Graphic Novels"

  • Lisa Moore, Dacula Elementary, "Non-Fiction Text Collection"

  • Dene Rantin, Greenforest McCalep Christian Academy, "The Reading Zone"
  • Lori Steinerd, International Community School, "Traditional Japanese Haiku and Sumi Painting"

  • Heather Deal, Stewart Middle School, "From Reading to Being"

  • Kelli Sowerbrower, Newnan High School, "Family Literacy Night"

  • Deborah Ball, Community Christian School, "Readers are Leaders"
  • Betsy Sierra, Stockbridge Middle School, "Guys Read Science and History Project"
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