Donald Trump: FORGOTTEN

The hair . . . the headlines . . the hubris . . . how could anyone forget The Donald?

Well, it turns out we can, and we will. Every generation produces its own version of the flashy, self-promoting real estate hot shot. New York City's Fifth Avenue is lined with ego-infused erections to long-forgotten tycoons. Who today remembers August Heckscher, noted in the New York Times as the builder of the beautiful Crown Building at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street or Fred F. French, also recorded by the NYT as the developer of the proud, eponymous pile at Fifth Avenue and 45th St.. Irwin S. Chanin, millionaire visionary behind the landmarked "Chanin Building" and numerous Broadway theaters, merits only a five-line Wikipedia article.

In comparison to the above-mentioned masterpieces, Trump Tower and all its copy-cat condos and casinos, are already starting to look tired, dated and . . . forgettable.

OK, I can't resist -- sorry Donald, you're gonna be fired.

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