Note that both the BLS and Forbes (and the rest of the mainstream media) have been claiming there has been growth in jobs and wages during this so-called "recovery." Below is a chart showing food stamp usage in the U.S.

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While U.S. employment has been a line going straight down during this "recovery," food-stamp usage has been a line going straight up. There is no possible reality where there could be gains in both jobs and wages, and yet there are still millions more Americans qualifying for food stamps.

Indeed, on many previous occasions regular readers have seen a chart showing that adjusted for actual inflation, U.S. wages have fallen all the way back to Great Depression levels.

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The "good news" is that, for the moment at least, U.S. wages have stopped falling. The bad news is that with workers being paid Great Depression wages they can't fall any lower...unless the minimum-wage laws are repealed.

This is reality in the United States. Unemployment going straight up. Wages as low as they can go. Over 15% of the population already requiring food stamps just to survive, and that number keeps going higher, too. By any possible and rational definition this is an economic depression, not a "recovery."

Understand what is necessarily implied when we see the U.S. government (and mainstream media) peddling numbers that are lthe mirror-opposite of reality. There are no rational/legitimate/honest "adjustments" that can be made that will transform a line going straight down (U.S. employment) into a line going steadily higher.

As a proposition of mathematics, such a perversion of reality can only be achieved through a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Note that there are several "Big Picture" indicators that corroborate the fact the U.S. economy is plummeting lower in a Greater Depression: the collapse in U.S. energy consumption, the collapse in U.S. retail sales (adjusted for inflation) and the ongoing train wreck known as the housing sector are three examples.

However, proof of this Grand Deception comes in much simpler form: permanent 0% interest rates. Readers need to know that no government in economic history has ever engaged in such utterly reckless monetary policy before -- even on a temporary basis.

Indeed, prior to our current collapse no governments had ever allowed interest rates to approach 0% except in the most dire of economic emergencies, and only for the briefest of durations.