Assurant Employee Benefits’ Dental Plans Can Help Families Maximize Benefit Dollars

Developed to meet ongoing consumer needs, Assurant Employee Benefits Lifetime of Smiles ® dental health program, with Family Share Max ® and P reventive Max Waiver ® options, can help families maximize their dental benefit dollars while helping to improve their overall health.

“Our Lifetime of Smiles program is dedicated to improving consumers’ smiles for a lifetime,” said Stacia Almquist, vice president of dental for Assurant Employee Benefits. “Also, with Family Share Max and Preventative Max Waiver, we’re giving families more control and the flexibility to spend their family’s dental dollars the way they want.”

The Lifetime of Smiles program benefits* may include:
  • Up to four periodontal cleanings in a 12-month period to help prevent gum disease
  • Brush biopsies to help with early detection of oral cancer
  • Periochips to control bacteria and reduce the size of periodontal pockets
  • Genetic testing to help identify individuals who are at genetic risk for gum disease
  • Posterior tooth-colored fillings preferred by many dentists and their patients
  • Dental healthcare discounts on Xylitol products clinically proven to help reduce cavities
  • Online Dental Health Center, a trusted resource that offers the most up-to-date information available on preventive dental care

Under the program, families also can take advantage of the Family Share Max ® and P reventive Max Waiver ® options being offered.

Family Share Max, which replaces traditional individual maximums, allows families to pull from one shared dental coverage pool in a way that most effectively meets their specific needs and budgets. In a 2013 national consumer survey 1, 63 percent of consumers said that at least one family member needs more dental work than the others during the year. Consequently, 55 percent would prefer one shared dental dollar amount for the entire family, rather than each individual having separate funds. Family Share Max meets those needs, allowing families to decrease out-of-pocket costs and maximize their benefit dollars.

Another option, Preventive Max Waiver, covers preventive treatments like exams, cleanings and most x-rays, yet they do not count against the maximum coverage. This encourages preventative dental care while making more benefit dollars available for costlier procedures.

“Families don’t have to put off important dental work because of individual dental coverage limits or because they’re close to their maximums anymore,” Almquist said. “Family Share Max and Preventive Max Waiver let families prioritize their dental needs, which help them resolve dental issues more quickly and without breaking the bank. This is important given the strong connection between oral health and overall health.”

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