(2) Generally when we purchase a security and finance it with a repurchase agreement, the security is included in our assets and the repurchase agreement is separately reflected in our liabilities on our balance sheet. For securities with certain characteristics (including those which are not readily obtainable in the market place) that are purchased and then simultaneously sold back to the seller under a repurchase agreement, US GAAP requires these transactions be netted together and recorded as a forward purchase commitment. Throughout this press release where we disclose our investment portfolio and the repurchase agreements that finance it, including our leverage metrics, we have un-linked the transaction and used the gross presentation as used for all other securities. This presentation is consistent with how the Company’s management evaluates the business, and believes provides the most accurate depiction of the Company’s investment portfolio and financial condition.

(3) Net interest margin is calculated by subtracting the weighted average cost of funds from the weighted average yield for the Company’s investment portfolio, which excludes cash held by the Company. See footnotes (10) and (11) for further detail.

(4) The total investment portfolio is calculated by summing the fair market value of our Agency RMBS, Non-Agency RMBS, ABS, CMBS and commercial loan assets, including linked transactions. The percentage of Agency RMBS and credit investments are calculated by dividing the respective fair market value of each, including linked transactions, by the total investment portfolio.

(5) This represents the weighted average monthly CPRs published during the quarter for our in-place portfolio during the same period.

(6) Diluted per share figures are calculated using weighted average outstanding shares in accordance with GAAP.

(7) The leverage ratio during the quarter was calculated by dividing our daily weighted average repurchase agreements, including those included in linked transactions, for the quarter by the weighted average stockholders’ equity for the quarter. The leverage ratio at quarter end was calculated by dividing total repurchase agreements, including repurchase agreements accounted for as linked transactions, plus or minus the net payable or receivable, as applicable, on unsettled trades on our GAAP balance sheet by our GAAP stockholders’ equity at quarter end.

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