David LaVance, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, "We continue to make progress in the sales and marketing of Excelyte® to dairies. Since Excelyte® is a non-toxic and highly effective disinfectant, it is a perfect product to address the dairy cow hygiene issues facing today's dairy farmer, with mastitis alone costing dairy farmers approximately $2 billion annually. I believe that Excelyte® has multiple uses throughout a dairy farm's operations and I am pleased to see dairies expanding their use of Excelyte® into other applications. We will continue the roll-out of Excelyte® in the mountain west states with the goal of eventually rolling out the product nationwide."

About Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd.

Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd., is a publicly-traded company that operates through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, I.E.T., Inc. The Company sells a disinfecting solution under the EcaFlo™ and Excelyte® brand names and sells a cleaning solution under the Catholyte Zero™ brand name. Both solutions are produced by the Company's proprietary EcaFlo™ equipment which utilizes an electrolytic process known as electrochemical activation to reliably produce environmentally responsible solutions for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. EcaFlo™ Anolyte and Excelyte® solutions are EPA-registered hard surface disinfectants and sanitizers approved for hospital-level use and are also approved for use as a biocide in oil and gas drilling. The products can be used safely anywhere there is a need to control pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and germs. Catholyte Zero™ solutions are an environmentally friendly cleanser and degreaser for janitorial, sanitation and food processing uses. The Company is currently focused on selling its products to dairy farmers, oil and gas production companies and the healthcare facilities. To learn more about Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. and I.E.T., Inc., please visit our websites at www.ietltd.net (investor relations) and www.ietecaflo.com (product information).

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