4. Portland, Ore.
Number of car-sharing locations: 537
Top neighborhoods: Downtown, Northwest, Pearl District

The streetcar costs $1, the MAX light rail will set you back $250 and bike lanes are all about. Why would you pay for a car in Portland? Because none of the above make it particularly easy to get around this sprawling city. There, we've said it. Portland's reputation as a hub of alternative transportation is true to a point, but becomes patently false as soon as you have to go somewhere that isn't on the west side of the Willamette River, isn't on a rail line or is farther east than Mount Tabor. Also, like Seattle, Portland is surrounded by sights such as the Columbia River Gorge, Willamette Valley Wineries, the Oregon Coast, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, various falls and other more remote attractions that aren't really accessible by either train or bike, no matter what the guy with the sprocket tattoos at your local bike-up bar tells you. While free parking is kind of a wasted car-sharing perk in a city with plenty of parking, having a set of weekend wheels comes in pretty handy in a town everyone clears out of once the clouds clear and the air warms.

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