Van Eck Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond Fund Passes $100 Million AUM Mark In Six Months

Assets under management in Van Eck’s recently introduced Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond Fund (Advisor – EMBAX; Institutional - EMBUX) reached $100 million just six months after launch and now stand at $130 million.

The Fund, an actively managed, unconstrained emerging market bond mutual fund, is among the first funds mandated to invest in both local currency and hard currency denominated bonds, as well as government, quasi-government and corporate fixed income instruments.

The Fund is overseen by a dedicated team of emerging market bond specialists with a combined 50 years of experience. Lead portfolio manager Eric Fine has more than 20 years of experience analyzing and investing in emerging markets globally.

“We’re extremely pleased with investor response to our Fund,” said Fine, who has hands-on experience advising numerous governments on their economic policies and debt profiles. “The flexibility that we’ve built into the Fund’s mandate allows us to pursue the many opportunities around the globe that we now see.”

“Emerging market debt issuers are currently benefitting from improving economic fundamentals, including lower deficits, higher economic growth rates and more independent central banks,” continued Fine. “Local currency debt has been, and remains, our top focus as developed currencies struggle under weak balance sheets and poor economic policy.”

Across a universe of over 50 countries, Fine and his team seek out opportunities where bonds and/or currency valuations appear attractive relative to underlying economic and financial fundamentals – thus focusing in on divergences between fundamentals and asset prices. Since inception on July 9, 2012, through January 31, 2013, this process has led to a total return of 14.32% (Class A shares; excluding sales charge), well in excess of the 7.69% return of the J.P. Morgan Government Bond - Emerging Markets Global Diversified Index (GBI-EM) for the same time period. As of January 31, 2013, the Fund allocated to 11 countries, with Nigeria, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and Uruguay as the top five country exposures, respectively.

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