Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management Drives Improved Care Coordination And Quality

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world's number oneindependent provider of dataintegration software, today introduced Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management, a rapidlydeployable operational intelligence solution for healthcare thatenhances care coordination, improves quality and enhances patientsafety.

This solution leverages existing investments in applications,industry standards like HL7 and messaging interfaces betweensystems. It monitors real-time operational data to identifyopportunities where care coordination can be improved. Bydelivering real-time alerts to appropriate caregivers, it ispossible to intervene proactively to enhance care coordination andimprove patient safety. Also, since this solution operates at thepoint of patient interaction, healthcare organizations can at lastenable more effective front line care behavior. As a result, theycan reduce avoidable readmissions and penalties and improveenforcement of medical and business best practices.

Informatica's Proactive Decision Management for Healthcare isdistinct from conventional, after-the fact alerting anddecision support solutions. Built on the Informatica Platform, thissolution leverages the flexible Informatica RulePoint and B2BData Exchange technologies. It uniquely:
  • Works across applications inside and outside theenterprise
  • Operates on data in motion vs. persisted data  
  • Works with existing infrastructure and industry standards
  • Empowers business users to quickly create customizedalerts

"Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management providesan innovative approach to healthcare decision support in the way itdelivers real-time alerts to care providers and other front-linestaff that spans disparate applications and organizations" saidRichard Cramer, chief healthcare strategist, Informatica. "Datawarehousing enables analysis of what has happened in the past, andpredictive modeling tells you what is likely to happen in thefuture. Neither of these approaches is sufficient in and of itself.Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management complementsthese techniques to deliver a more immediate impact, telling youwhat's happening right now, so you can take fast, appropriateaction. Relevant information is pushed to users instead of themhaving to seek it out and alerts are delivered to where they canhave the greatest effect."

Use Cases Across the Care Continuum

Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management can beimplemented in a matter of weeks and can be easily configured tosupport a wide range of use cases simultaneously. Examplesinclude:
  • Readmissions reduction - If a discharged patientreturns to the emergency room within a given number of days, or ifa new patient shows signs of readmittance risk, caregivers can bealerted immediately so they can take appropriate care actions tohelp avoid an unnecessary readmission and the associated financialpenalties.
  • Follow-up support intervention - If a dischargedpatient is instructed to schedule a follow-up visit with a primaryphysician or to take certain medication, Informatica ProactiveMonitoring for Healthcare can alert staff when a patient fails toaccomplish a required task to help ensure compliance.
  • Unsafe hospital discharge avoidance - Staffers can bealerted when a patient is being discharged prematurely, e.g.: whentest results still are outstanding, etc.
  • "Frequent flyer" care optimization - Appropriate carespecialists can be quickly notified and care resources aligned onthe admittance of frequent service users, who often have seriousmedical issues.

"We recently implemented Informatica Proactive HealthcareDecision Management," said George Brenckle, PhD, senior vicepresident and chief information officer at UMass MemorialHealthcare. "The solution continually monitors our live datastreams in real-time, identifying clinical and administrativeevents and gaps that can contribute to avoidable readmissions. It'snot just prohibitively expensive, but also futile to attempt thiskind of detective work manually in today's healthcareenvironments."

Enabling Operational Intelligence for HealthcareChallenges

Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management identifiesevents and patterns in data across systems and distributenotifications in real-time to individuals, smart devices or othersystems. With this solution, Informatica is providing anindustry-specific solution that accelerates time-to-value forhealthcare customers while simultaneously preserving the power andflexibility of the RulePoint technology to address additionalscenarios.

Advantages for Industry Stakeholders

In addition to benefiting healthcare providers, Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Managementenablesopportunities for:
  • Health Plans - Health plans can collaborate moreclosely with providers and provide operational intelligence toprovider clients as a distinguishing value-added service.
  • Healthcare Technology Companies - ElectronicHealthcare Record (EHR) vendors can differentiate their offeringsby adding Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management totheir solution stack without incremental development effort.

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