Lake Victoria Mining Company Launches “LVCA Media Room” To Cover Its Small Scale Gold Mine Progress Tanzania, East Africa

(LVCA:OTCBB) Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce the opening of it’s “LVCA Media Room” that is easily found on the Company’s website by clicking “Media Room” on the home page.

The LVCA Media Room is introduced to bring viewers actively into the heart of the Company’s activities by using audios, photos and videos. The Media Room will bring to life the Company’s progress along its pathway to smallscale gold production at the Kinyambwiga Gold project in northern Tanzania, East Africa.

Lake Victoria’s Board of Directors stated, “We realize that while we are privy to the Company’s day-to-day activities, you the investor, usually only get to read our press releases and SEC or Edgar filings. Therefore, the public may often wonder in between such filings or press releases, what activities are going on in the Company and how we are working to add value to the Company and to make your investment a successful one. Therefore, as a Board of Directors, we invite you to visit the LVCA Media Room regularly to stay in tune with our activities and progress.”

The Media Room will contain regular activities and discussions by means of audios, photos and videos, along development pathways, which may include:
  • A discussion of the latest press release, and it’s meaning.
  • An on site visit with the Company’s technical leader in Africa, Mr. Clive King, at the Kinyambwiga small-scale gold project; or his discussions with the Environmental Contractor or technical comments regarding the project;
  • A video or audio by our project manager Mr. Gerry Hess, from Camlaren Mine Development, as he: (i) reviews and selects mining equipment such as trucks, excavators, loaders or gold recovery systems in different countries, suppliers in Tanzania and services for mine site development; (ii) discusses the gold recovery system design and features; and (iii) makes onsite visits to do testing and assessing mine site services locations.
  • A discussion with Ahmed Magoma regarding his recent and ongoing meetings with the Zonal Mining Office, District Development Director or the Kinyambwiga Village Government. The LVCA Media Room may even bring you into a visit to the Village Meeting as they examine the potential of a new gold mine entering their village.

The Company has not hired a professional film crew to produce the audio and video, but is using live video and audio footage captured by the Company including geologists, contractors and persons traveling along with them.