InterDigital Demonstrates Long-Range Wi-Fi Over Unlicensed Spectrum For Backhaul Applications

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC), a wireless research and development company, today announced the successful trial of Wi-Fi ® over dynamically managed unlicensed spectrum at a macrocell level. The trial, extending standards-based technology, opens the door to various applications and is immediately available for field trials.

Using a unique amplifier in combination with both database- and sensing-based spectrum management, the company was able to successfully stream high-bandwidth video at a power range that would cover roughly three kilometers in suburban settings or up to five kilometers in rural applications. The approach provides operators with an eventual solution to Wi-Fi backhaul and other applications.

“InterDigital’s DSM technology platform is a breakthrough in the use of TV White Space as a networking platform, providing both reliability and performance in the harsher shared spectrum environment. This solution is a first in enabling Wi-Fi to operate over macrocell ranges, supporting a variety of indoor and outdoor use cases, including backhaul, M2M and metro Wi-Fi deployments,” said Jim Nolan, Executive Vice President of InterDigital’s Innovation Labs. “The platform is easily adaptable to other spectrum bands, such as the FCC-proposed 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Service, and is designed for diverse 'shared spectrum access' applications – including those outlined in the report to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.”

InterDigital is a pioneer in the use of unlicensed spectrum, and at Mobile World Congress is demonstrating both Wi-Fi over macrocell ranges as well as LTE over white space. Last October, the company announced the world’s first live, over-the-air public demonstration of Wi-Fi access supported in dynamically selected TV White Space (TVWS) spectrum channels. Completed at the IEEE DySPAN 2012 conference in Bellevue, Washington, the demo featured TVWS geo-location identification via integration with TVWS database pioneer Spectrum Bridge, Inc., as well as dynamic over-the-air sensing of TVWS spectrum availability, in collaboration with Shared Spectrum, Inc.

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