These are all steps on Google's path to put Microsoft and Apple out of business. Consider the following market share numbers: Google's market share in search has been around 67% for years now. Google's market share in smartphones has now hit an amazing 70%, Strategy Analytics: Android claimed 70% of world smartphone share in Q4 2012 .

Back in 2000, Google's market share in search was around 1%. Back in 2007, Google's market share in smartphones was also around 1%. In only a few short years, Google captured more than two thirds of these enormous markets.

The Google Pixel is one piece of the puzzle for Google to do the same in the PC market. It will not happen in a year or two, just like Google took at least approximately five years to achieve 67% and 70% market share in search and smartphones.

But get to that kind of market share in PCs, at least Google has now shown that it has leapfrogged the competition with a superior product. It will not be the PC for everyone, right now. There are some special programs that a minority of the modern population can't use on Chrome OS.

However, for those of us who do not have peculiar special needs with our PCs, such as running PhotoShop or some esoteric mind-destroying game, the Google Pixel laptop is to a Windows 8 laptop or a MacBook what Buckingham Palace is to a Burger King. And predictably, the people who disagree will be mostly those who have not yet used it.

This brings us to a remaining piece in Google's puzzle. Among Apple's many virtues is that they have a superior retail store strategy. As I published here on Aug. 15, 2011 Google's Strategy: Look Like Apple , Google would start planning for stores -- just like Apple and Microsoft -- once it had closed the Motorola acquisition. A year and a half later, I have not changed my mind on that.

Google is building a retail product portfolio to display in its own stores: smartphones, tablets, PCs, TV players and connected eyeglasses. It's already got 70% market share in smartphones, and the market share in key services such as search is also dominant at 67%.

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