The NASDAQ OMX Group, in cooperation with BNY Mellon, introduced options trading on U.S. Treasury Securities at NASDAQ OMX PHLX, the largest equity options exchange in the U.S. The first day of trading took place on February 19.

I had the opportunity to celebrate the launch at the NASDAQ market site and learn more about the latest product with Dan Carrigan and Mark Robinson: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Exchange-traded derivatives on U.S. Treasuries will provide access to new trading and investing vehicles that allow investors to hedge interest rate risk with more precision, using an 'on the run' convention. NASDAQ OMX and BNY Mellon will offer a flexible, cost-efficient offering for investors who wish to trade derivatives contracts on specific, underlying U.S. Treasury 10-year notes and 30-year bonds. Options contracts on U.S. Treasury Securities may be traded by qualified investors in securities brokerage accounts. Stay tuned for future strategies on Options Profits utilizing these contracts.

These options are available under the following symbols:

For the 30-Year 'On-The-Run' Treasury Bond:

THIFB (February Auction)

THIMY (May Auction)

THIAG (August Auction)

THINV (November Auction)

For the 10-Year 'On-The-Run' Treasury Note:

TENFB (February Auction)

TENMY (May Auction)

TENAG (August Auction)

TENNV (November Auction)

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