North American Oil And Gas Corporation Portfolio Built Up To Over [8,000] Gross Acres In The San Joaquin Basin

North American Oil and Gas Corporation (the “Company” or “NAMG”) is pleased to announce the following update regarding its acreage position in the San Joaquin Basin of California, USA.

NAMG has built a portfolio in excess of 8,000 gross acres in the southern San Joaquin Basin. This is almost double the acreage since the merger with Calendar Dragon in late November 2012. The majority of the new acreage additions have been acquired in the Project Lani area, which is located in the southern San Joaquin Basin.
Project Name

Working Interest
Operator JV Partners Acres
        Gross   Net
1. Tejon Extension   75.00%   Yes   East West Petroleum   546   346
2. Tejon Footwall   21.25%   Yes/No 2   East West Petroleum; and Solimar   2,874   2,600
3. Project Lani   50.00%   Yes   East West Petroleum   4,823   2,098
TOTAL               8,243   5,044

Bob Rosenthal, President & CEO commented, “We are pleased with the significant acreage position accumulated to date. More importantly the doubling of the company’s acreage since listing has been achieved in such a short period of time without excessive cost to the company.”