Breakthrough For Silicom: Immediate Design Win For Just-Launched Patent-Pending Intelligent Time-Stamping Adapter Confirms Huge Potential

Silicom Ltd. (NASDAQ:SILC) (TASE:SILC) today announced that it has launched a new family of Intelligent Nano-Second Time-Stamping NICS, a breakthrough enabler of next-generation network monitoring in Big Data environments, and that it has already secured an immediate Design Win for the product line’s first adapter.

Based on patent-pending technology and an innovative new concept, Silicom’s adapters combine Intel’s networking silicon and the Company’s proprietary time-stamping FPGA (field programmable gate array), working at wire speed to time-imprint packets at the industry’s highest resolution and accuracy. The time-stamping solution’s unique architecture enables it to outperform the competition with a broad range of advantages, including the full feature-set of Intel’s networking silicon, much lower power consumption and much higher fan-less reliability – all at a very competitive price.

“Initial market reaction to our unique Nano-Time-Stampers has been overwhelming, demonstrating how ‘hot’ the networking monitoring arena has become in the Big Data era and how outstanding our solution is,” commented Mr. Shaike Orbach, Silicom’s President and CEO. “In fact, almost immediately upon product launch, we received our first Design Win with a leading Application & Network Performance Management player, and are already in the evaluation stage with a number of global leaders. As such, the product has enjoyed immediate traction, positioning us to capture significant market share in this large and rapidly-growing market. We will be recording our first Time Stamp revenues shortly, and project a rapid sales ramp-up to reach annual revenues of $15 to $20 million within just a few years.”

In today’s faster and more inter-connected networks, time-stamps at the packet level are prerequisites for effective analysis of network performance-related issues such as latency and jitter, as well as critical enablers of e-trading, digital forensics and other time-sensitive applications. By providing a superior solution at a highly-competitive price point, Silicom is offering all market players a highly compelling business case for selecting Silicom’s offering over others. In addition, Silicom’s approach resolves the price, power and/or reliability issues that prevented many types of customers from incorporating nano-precision time-stamping into their applications, adding them to the large and growing addressable market for Silicom’s breakthrough solution.

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