However, concerning the above reports, point 1) has been created based on a one-sided reliance on an investigative report created by Wynn Resorts, who are currently in litigation with us, following improper procedures. The report also made several and fatal errors in the legal interpretation related to the FCPA. The report did not mention any specific refutation made by us, and therefore, we must say that it is unjust and biased reporting. Furthermore, despite the article published on December 30, 2012 addressing the said point in an extensive manner using a page in the morning, Asahi Shimbun adopted the stance of reserving statements and maintaining silence on the matter ex post, perhaps due to receiving counterarguments from us. This action partly equals to admitting that its reporting was biased.

Furthermore, not only has Asahi Shimbun not provided any corroboration to this date that Mr. Soriano, who had been mentioned as a person who was an "aide to the leaders of the Filipino Casino Regulatory Authorities," was in fact in such a position, in the article marked February 8, 2014, Asahi Shimbun simply uses ambiguous expressions such as " said to be an aide to the previous chairman of Casino Regulatory Authority." This resulted in Asahi Shimbun partly admitting that its reporting lacked basis.

Furthermore, despite reporting that 3) "A massive sum of transferred money totalling US$40 million to the advisors of the Filipino Casino Regulatory Authority had been reported to the heads of Universal Entertainment Corp.," perhaps not having much confidence in the reliability of the material that served as this report's basis, Asahi Shimbun did not comply to our request to disclose the source and remained silent. Therefore, it is clear that this is a report that lacks validity in this point as well. 

As seen above, the continuous prejudiced reports lacking basis in the above-mentioned reporting by Reuters and Asahi Shimbun is a succession of verbal assaults. Reuters and Asahi Shimbun, who carry out such actions organizationally, must be judged as anti-social organizations.