5 Reasons Your Website Needs an Upgrade

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Although most small businesses would love to have a professional, easy-to-navigate website with a strong social media presence and high-res photos, little things such as paying employees and finding new clients always seem to get in the way.

While some companies have spent thousands of dollars perfecting their digital brand, others haven't had the money or the time. Unfortunately, it shows. In today's digital age, a small business' website is the face of the company, and having a strong online presence is essential.

On the Internet, there's a fine line between "good" and "good enough," and it's not always easy to know when your website is due for a major overhaul. We checked in with experts to find the top five indications yours needs a facelift.

1.Your site isn't ready for tablets and smartphones

"Like with any business offering, knowing your audience is vital to producing a great website experience," says Barbara Apple Sullivan, chief executive of Sullivan, a New York City-based brand engagement and strategy firm.

"A company must tailor its digital offering to suit its customers and prospects: If research reveals your customers are digitally focused and spend 12 hours per day on a tablet, optimize for the tablet experience," Sullivan says.

With the explosion of the smartphone market, there's no question more people than ever are using their handheld devices to browse the Web, says Kevin Poor, creative director for Dix & Eaton, a public relations firm that specializes in website makeovers.

"If a company's site does not provide an adequate mobile experience, it will miss an opportunity to capture the attention of a potential customer," Poor says.

Today's sites should always scale to the width of the browser whether it's on a big desktop or a small smartphone.

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