Hot Topics Recap: State Of The Union

The following releases focus on Tuesday’s State of the Union:

WASHINGTON-- Save the Children Applauds President Obama's Call for Investment in Kids Around the World Source: Save the Children

WASHINGTON-- UCubed Reacts to 2013 State of the Union Source: Union of Unemployed

WASHINGTON-- President Promises More of What Government Already Does Badly Source: Citizens Against Government Waste

INDIANAPOLIS-- American Legion National Commander Welcomes Home Returning Vets Source: American Legion

ATLANTA-- UPS Applauds Administration on Launching Talks on a Comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Source: UPS

WASHINGTON-- AHF: Obama Continues U.S. Retreat on Global AIDS Source: AIDS Healthcare Foundation

WASHINGTON-- Retailers Welcome Obama Jobs Push in State of the Union Address Source: National Retail Federation

WASHINGTON-- We've Shown You Ours, Now Show Us Yours Source: Citizens Against Government Waste

WASHINGTON-- Save the Children, Leading Children's Organizations Urge President Obama to Protect U.S. Kids Source: Save the Children

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