Marchex Valentine’s Day Study Of Men, Women And Phones: It’s Not What You Think

When it comes to talking on the phone, there is no shortage of stereotypes telling us that females love doing it more. But just how true is this?

That question prompted data analysts at Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX) to analyze more than 200,000 phone calls placed to U.S. businesses in the past year to uncover how the sexes behave. The findings were released today on Valentine’s Day, when gender-based expectations take center stage.

The data revealed some surprising truths: Men actually spend 13 percent more time on the phone. And they’re more talkative than women. On average, male callers stayed on the phone for 7 minutes 23 seconds and women for just 6 minutes 30 seconds.

The study also found that men spoke more and spoke faster than women. The average male caller spoke 236 words per call at 32 words per minute and the average female spoke 227 words per call at a rate of 24 words per minute.

“All of us carry around ingrained gender biases whether we realize it or not,” said Eric Taylor, senior analyst at the Marchex Institute, a research and analytics team that publishes findings on mobile advertising and the digital call industry. “But these biases can and do impact business. That’s why it’s valuable to look behind the curtain of what you think is true and discover what’s really there.”

The vast majority of calls came through mobile phones. These calls were driven across the spectrum of mobile advertising channels, including click-to-call, voice search, mobile directories and mobile display. Analysts then used Marchex Call Mining software, which scans for key words and voice tonalities, to aggregate anonymous data points.

Taylor and his Institute colleagues examined call data to 11 different industries, from nutrition to auto repair to pest control. They found, for instance, that more men call pest control for mice removal but females generated 59% of roach calls, 58% of those for spiders and 56% regarding termites.

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