No. 1 best city: Milwaukee

You won't need beer goggles to find decent bachelors in Milwaukee, as the Cream City places in the 94th percentile nationwide for single men under 35 as a proportion of total population (16.1%).

Milwaukee also ranks in the 85th percentile in its ratio of bachelors to bachelorettes, with 135 single young men for every 100 single young women.

Similarly, the 595,000-population city ranks in the 82nd percentile for both walkability and newly arrived singles as a share of all residents.

Milwaukee's single men also rank in the 70th percentile for disposable income. The typical local bachelor makes $35,454 a year and pays a modest $962 a month in rent -- leaving $1,993 per month.

"All of those factors make 'Brewtown' a good place ... to find men," Hopkins says.

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