Second best: Miami

Singles who move to Miami should have little trouble finding romance as hot as the Florida sun -- especially women, as the city has 145 unmarried young males for every 100 single young females. That puts Miami in the 90th percentile nationwide.

The Magic City places in the 88th percentile for its ratio of single men under 35 as a proportion of its total 409,000 population.

Lastly, Miami ranks in the 96th percentile for walkability, as well as in the 66th percentile for newly arrived singles as a fraction of all residents.

In fact, the sunny mecca's only drawback is its affordability.

The typical unmarried Miami man makes $40,598 a year but pays $1,727 for rent. That means they have just $1,656 each month for dating and other expenses -- good for only the 57th percentile nationwide.

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