5 Best Cities If You're Looking for a Boyfriend

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Real estate tracker Zillow.com this week released its first annual In the Move for Love Index to identify the U.S. cities to move to find Mr. Right.

"Today's society is more transient than ever, and when young singles are considering where to move next it makes perfect sense to consider how easy it will be to meet that person of their dreams," Zillow executive Amy Bohutinsky says.

Best known for estimating current market values for virtually every home in America, Zillow ( Z) recently used its analytical skills to assess the 150 largest U.S. cities for a wide range of dating-related factors.

"We looked at demographics, median income, rent prices and a number of other factors to pinpoint the best places for singles under 35 to move," Bohutinsky says. "We took a scientific approach to something that's typically been assumed to be more art than science."

Here's a look at the five cities that Zillow believes offers young singles the best chances for finding true love with a guy. (Click here to check out the five best municipalities if you're looking for a girlfriend.)

All population and median-income figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau and refer to cities proper rather than metro areas. Ratios of single young men to single young women refer to people under 35.

Zillow calculated each area's median rent using an in-house database, while walkability rankings -- included because young people on dates often walk to restaurants and the like -- come from WalkScore.com.

Fifth best: Tucson, Ariz.

Zillow found that young, single men account for 11.4% of Tucson's 520,000 population -- a 70th percentile rating when compared with the nationwide average of 10% -- and that those single males in the Old Pueblo place in the 82nd percentile nationwide in terms of disposable income. The typical unmarried Tucson man earns a median $42,019 a year but pays just $939 in monthly rent, leaving $2,513 a month for dates and other expenses.

"Tucson has the most affordable rents among the top five cities for people seeking men, and that certainly helps when you're trying to budget for dates," Zillow's Cory Hopkins says.

Singles who've lived in town less than five years also make up 12.3% of Tucson's overall population, good for 78th percentile nationwide. (The U.S. average is 8.9%.)

Hopkins says that's great news for people who move there to find true love, as newcomers often seek out other newcomers for dates.

"It's easier to meet people and go out on dates if things that are new to you are new to them as well," he says.

The University of Arizona's hometown boasts 133 single males under 35 for every 100 single females of the same age, putting it in the 84th percentile nationwide for the best ratio of eligible young men to eligible young women.

The city's only negative for singles: it places in just the 55th percentile in terms of walkability.

Fourth best: Charleston, S.C.

Finding a guy to dance the Charleston with in Charleston should be pretty easy. Single people who've lived in Charleston for less than five years make up 28.6% of the city's 665,000 population, a 99th-percentile showing, and single men under 35 account for 19.3% of Charleston residents -- another 99th-percentile ranking.

That said, Charleston places only in the 49th percentile for its walk score and in the 34th percentile for disposable income among single males.

Unmarried Charleston men make a median $31,036 annually, yet typically pay $1,435 a month in rent. That gives them a relatively low $1,151 in extra funds per month to spend on dates and the like.

The city has 156 young unmarried men for every 100 young unmarried women. That puts Charleston in the 96th percentile nationwide for the ratio of eligible young males to eligible young females.

Third best: Denver

Women especially enjoy a mile-high advantage in Denver when it comes to finding dates.

That's because the Mile High City has 129 young bachelors for every 100 young bachelorettes, putting Denver in the 77th percentile nationwide.

Denver also places in the 93rd percentile for newly arrived single people as a proportion of total population, and ranks in the 94th percentile for single men under 35 as a percentage of its 620,000 overall residents. Lastly, the city rates in the 81st percentile for walkability.

Unfortunately, daters should expect to pay for their own Denver omelets at breakfast, as the community places only in the 40th percentile for disposable income among single men. The typical Denver bachelor makes $32,950 a year but pays $1,468 a month for rent, leaving just $1,278 a month for everything else.

Second best: Miami

Singles who move to Miami should have little trouble finding romance as hot as the Florida sun -- especially women, as the city has 145 unmarried young males for every 100 single young females. That puts Miami in the 90th percentile nationwide.

The Magic City places in the 88th percentile for its ratio of single men under 35 as a proportion of its total 409,000 population.

Lastly, Miami ranks in the 96th percentile for walkability, as well as in the 66th percentile for newly arrived singles as a fraction of all residents.

In fact, the sunny mecca's only drawback is its affordability.

The typical unmarried Miami man makes $40,598 a year but pays $1,727 for rent. That means they have just $1,656 each month for dating and other expenses -- good for only the 57th percentile nationwide.

No. 1 best city: Milwaukee

You won't need beer goggles to find decent bachelors in Milwaukee, as the Cream City places in the 94th percentile nationwide for single men under 35 as a proportion of total population (16.1%).

Milwaukee also ranks in the 85th percentile in its ratio of bachelors to bachelorettes, with 135 single young men for every 100 single young women.

Similarly, the 595,000-population city ranks in the 82nd percentile for both walkability and newly arrived singles as a share of all residents.

Milwaukee's single men also rank in the 70th percentile for disposable income. The typical local bachelor makes $35,454 a year and pays a modest $962 a month in rent -- leaving $1,993 per month.

"All of those factors make 'Brewtown' a good place ... to find men," Hopkins says.

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