Star8 New Product Plans

HONG KONG and TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Star8 Corporation (STRH:OTCMarkets), a provider of low cost mobile smart phones and related accessories to emerging markets, is pleased to provide shareholders with plans for an additional release of a new Axiom product.

In addition to the planned launch of Star8's Axiom XR4G mobile phone, a new mobile device from Star8 that will support connectivity to some of the fastest 4G networks in the world, Star8 is planning to add the Axiom Tab4D, the new Android tablet device from Star8. The Axiom Tab4D will support Android 4.0, providing users with all the powerful features they have come to expect using the Android operating system. The Axiom Tab4D will have a 10 inch screen and support connectivity to many 4G networks around the world.

Star8 expects to launch the Axiom Tab4D in the second quarter of 2013, following the launch of the Axiom XR4G, and full specifications will be released at that time.

Star8 will continue to provide updates on our products, strategy as well as general corporate information on a regular basis via press release or for more information on Star8 and our products, please go to and follow us on Twitter at @star8axiom.

About Star8 Corporation

Star8 Corporation (OTCMarkets:STRH) is a global provider of low cost full-featured mobile email phones and mobile phone related accessories. The Company's focus is to provide a low cost alternative to the more expensive smart phones available in the market today. Star8 is strictly focused on emerging markets where the mobile operator subscriber base is predominantly prepaid. These markets do not provide their subscribers with a subsidy on phone purchases, which leaves a very small percentage of the subscriber base with the ability to afford the more costly smart phones.