Apple: The Most Absurd Question About the Company Yet

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- We all screw up on a regular basis.

I called David Einhorn a "hustler" when I probably should have just said he's always hustling. My camerawork on this week's conversation with Pandora ( P) co-founder Tim Westergren left a bit to be desired, but majority feedback tells me it wasn't that bad and the content overshadowed my lack of technical prowess by miles.

All of that to say, I think hard before I go after somebody because a.) I want to get it right; b.) I realize I will make mistakes; and c.) nobody's perfect. However, if there was ever a time for a barn-torching, enter the china store like a bull just released from a studio apartment in Spain, this IS it.

Thanks to Twitter follower @herringroup for catching Bloomberg's Betty Liu toss any Apple ( AAPL)-related credibility she might have had out the slamming screen door in the span of just 4-5 seconds:

Yes. We must watch that again ...

Context. Right. To be safe, we should check for context. Here's the entire two minutes plus. Liu's incredible statement comes right about midway through:

There was no context. That's part of the problem. There's no defense -- none whatsoever -- for what Liu said there. Is there a product that can "save" Apple? Is she freaking serious?

Alix Steel threw together the only bit of sense in what was a largely brainless conversation when she legitimately questioned Tim Cook's ability to innovate beyond evolutionary iterations of Steve Jobs-conceived groundbreaking devices.

I hit that angle hard before it became a media obsession. I had no choice but to pull back a bit simply because Apple has zero meaningful competition and the media got way ahead of itself with what really looks a lot like an orchestrated campaign of hate toward Apple.

I know there is absolutely not some devious Apple hatred campaign underlying financial media coverage, but when Liu makes such an absurd comment, she certainly doesn't help my case. In fact, after you watch her -- and that entire segment -- you could, as a perfectly sane and logical person, wonder if something is up.


There's really no need to bite back at the Is there a product that can save Apple? statement. It doesn't warrant a response; however, the larger issue it raises cannot continue to fly under the radar.

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