5 Best Cities If You're Looking for a Girlfriend

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- Forget New York or Los Angeles. If you're a young, single person looking for a woman to date this Valentine's Day, move to Cleveland.

"Cleveland is very affordable, an OK city to walk around in and has a lot of young, single women," says Cory Hopkins of real-estate tracking site Zillow, which released its first-annual In the Move for Love Index this week just in time for Feb. 14.

Zillow, which estimates market values for virtually every home in America, ranked the 150 largest U.S. cities for a range of singles-friendly factors. For opposite-sex partners, the company even looked at each locale's ratio of young single men to young single women.

Smaller cities such as Cleveland actually outscored most big metro areas because Zillow ( Z) considered affordability as a key factor in its study.

"We wanted to find cities young single people could move to and still have a little scratch left over to go out on a date," Hopkins says.

Zillow also assessed such factors as walkability, assuming that many young people want to walk to dates, as well as the number of young single women as a proportion of overall population and how many singles have moved to a given city within the past five years. Hopkins says that's because the new single in town will probably find it easier to ask out the new gal.

Lastly, Zillow analyzed how much a single woman who makes the median local income will have for dates and other expenses after paying a city's median local rent -- important if you're going to share the cost of dates.

Here's a look at the five cities that Zillow found are the best place for singles under 35 to move to if they want to look for love in all the right places. (Check back this week for the best cities for young singles seeking unmarried young men.)

All population and median-income figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau and refer to cities proper rather than metro areas. Walkability rankings come from WalkScore.com, while Zillow calculated each area's median rent itself using an in-house database.

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