PLAY-DOH PERFECT TWIST ICE CREAM PARLOR Playset By Hasbro (Photo: Business Wire)

Big things are taking shape this year for the PLAY-DOH brand from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS)! Creativity is about to be taken to the next level as the PLAY-DOH brand introduces a new compound: PLAY-DOH PLUS, a soft and fluffy compound that allows for a new level of creative detail in PLAY-DOH play. The PLAY-DOH brand will also launch Color Sticks, a new collection of colorful, 1oz. individually wrapped PLAY-DOH compound.
PLAY-DOH PERFECT TWIST ICE CREAM PARLOR Playset by Hasbro (Photo: Business Wire)

PLAY-DOH PERFECT TWIST ICE CREAM PARLOR Playset by Hasbro (Photo: Business Wire)

Featuring patent pending technology for a softer, smoother texture, the new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound allows artists to “plus up” an original PLAY-DOH creation into a realistic-looking masterpiece. Its softer, fluffier texture is perfect for adding dollops of frosting or detailed decorations on Play-Doh cakes, cookies & cupcakes, or to add details like ruffles and ribbons onto a PLAY-DOH dress! On shelves now, the exciting new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound is sold both by the packs and included in many of the 2013 PLAY-DOH playsets throughout the year. Look for the purple can!

Also new in 2013 are the individually wrapped 1 oz. PLAY-DOH Color Sticks. With a variety of 33 classic colors, kids can think “outside the can” and let their imaginations take shape wherever their creativity sparks. Whether it’s in the home or on the go, little PLAY-DOH artists and their parents are sure to be delighted with the most colorful PLAY-DOH collection yet!

“Our new PLAY-DOH PLUS compound and PLAY-DOH Color Sticks are both game changers. Never before have PLAY-DOH artists been able to achieve the level of detail now possible using PLAY-DOH PLUS and we hope that parents will enjoy the ease of use and convenience provided by our new Color Sticks,” said Jerry Perez, Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader. “Creating with PLAY-DOH compound is a childhood rite of passage and remains a favorite activity with artists of all ages, we are thrilled that the brand continues to find new ways to excite our fans.”

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