The GSEs and state insurance regulators impose various capital requirements on our insurance subsidiaries. These include risk-to-capital ratios, risk-based capital measures and surplus requirements that potentially limit the amount of insurance that each of our insurance subsidiaries may write. The GSEs and our state insurance regulators also possess significant discretion with respect to our insurance subsidiaries. Our failure to maintain adequate levels of capital, among other things, could lead to intervention by the various insurance regulatory authorities or the GSEs, which could materially and adversely affect our business, business prospects and financial condition.

Under state insurance regulations, Radian Guaranty is required to maintain minimum surplus levels and, in certain states, a minimum amount of statutory capital relative to the level of risk in force (“RIF”), or “risk-to-capital.” Sixteen states (the risk-based capital or “RBC States”) currently impose a statutory or regulatory risk-based capital requirement (the “Statutory RBC Requirement”), the most common of which requires that a mortgage insurer’s risk-to-capital ratio not exceed 25 to 1. In some of the RBC States (the “MPP States”), Radian Guaranty is required to maintain a minimum policyholder position (the “MPP Requirement”). Unless an RBC State grants a waiver or other form of relief, if a mortgage insurer is not in compliance with the Statutory RBC Requirement of an RBC State, it may be prohibited from writing new mortgage insurance business in that state. Radian Guaranty’s domiciliary state, Pennsylvania, is not one of the RBC States. In 2012 and 2011, the RBC States accounted for approximately 54.3% and 50.5%, respectively, of Radian Guaranty’s total primary new insurance written.

As of December 31, 2012, Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital ratio was 20.8 to 1. Radian Guaranty’s risk-to-capital ratio has been negatively impacted in recent years by operating losses. The ultimate amount of losses and the timing of these losses will depend, in part, on general economic conditions and other factors, including the health of credit markets, home prices and unemployment rates, all of which are difficult to predict and beyond our control. Based on our current projections, in the absence of any further risk-to-capital support (which Radian Group expects to provide as discussed below), we anticipate that Radian Guaranty would exceed the 25 to 1 risk-to-capital ratio requirement during 2013.

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