6. Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout
Alcohol by volume: 5%

Much as they excel at making every American rave about Cadbury Flake and Picnic bars after a vacation chocolate binge in London, the English are good at producing a chocolate stout.

Granted, they've been doing it far longer and either laugh or shake their heads in amazement when some American "craft" brewer thinks they invented the style, but that doesn't make their product any less outstanding. In the case of Samuel Smith's, which has been brewing in Tadcaster longer than the United States has existed, water from a well originally dug in 1758 combined with chocolate malt and organic cocoa creates a creamy concoction begging for an evening of English-style session drinking. Not only is it incredibly mild at 5% ABV, but it's certified organic and registered with the Vegan Society. Valentine's Day is for everyone, which makes this sweet treat great to share with the health-conscious eater, vegetarian or vegan you love.

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