Prior to today's press report, there was a fact inquiry from Asahi Shimbun.

A portion of that made reference to this document alleged to be a "board of directors' resolution", which our company cannot verify, so our company questioned the authenticity and provenance of this document, since it could not have existed under our company's management and control.

The Company believes that in addition to insinuating to our company's business partners that harm would occur by using real names in the reporting, Asahi Shimbun coerced our business partners into providing information in violation of confidentiality obligations. In our opinion, we cannot help but conclude that the improper reporting activities of the Asahi Shimbun reporter handling this matter are an excessive, systematic anti-social campaign. Accordingly, we are making an adamant protest and will also be considering taking various legal measures.

However, Asahi Shimbun went ahead with today's press report without even providing an answer to us regarding the above, so we cannot help but feel a sense of extreme distrust toward Asahi Shimbun's press coverage and attitude.
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