"We executed our business strategy as planned this quarter," continued Suzuki. "The revenue and profit growth were driven primarily by the continuous demand for broader network bandwidth and the accumulation of systems integration orders. Cloud and overseas business, two of our future growth drivers, are still small portion of the total revenue, yet they are surely starting to contribute to the overall revenue growth. We are going to construct a second container type datacenter to meet the growing demand on cloud. We have enhanced the overseas cloud line-ups with the release of the cloud service for China in January, following the U.S. cloud service."

"Lastly, we decided to increase the year-end dividend along with our profit growth," concluded Suzuki.  

3 rd Quarter FY2012 Financial Results Summary
Operating Results Summary
  3Q11 3Q12 YoY % Change
  JPY millions JPY millions  
Total Revenues 70,752 76,690 8.4
Network Services 47,242 48,515 2.7
Systems Integration (SI) 21,709 25,601 17.9
Equipment Sales 879 867 (1.3)
ATM Operation Business 922 1,707 85.0
Total Costs 56,654 61,165 8.0
Network Services 37,587 37,972 1.0
Systems Integration (SI) 17,267 20,994 21.6
Equipment Sales 787 749 (4.7)
ATM Operation Business 1,013 1,450 43.2
SG&A Expenses and R&D 10,100 10,482 3.8
Operating Income 3,998 5,043 26.1
Income before Income Tax Expense 3,780 4,946 30.8
Net income attributable to IIJ 2,390 3,112 30.2
Segment Summary
  3Q11 3Q12
  JPY millions JPY millions
Net Revenues 70,752 76,690
Network services and SI business 70,204 75,399
ATM operation business 922 1,707
Elimination 374 416
Operating Income (Loss) 3,998 5,043
Network service and SI business 4,250 4,965
ATM operation business (194) 164
Elimination 58 86

We have omitted segment analysis because most of our revenues are dominated by Network services and Systems Integration (SI) business.

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