Discover Valentine's Day Survey Infographic (Graphic: Business Wire)

Money can’t buy love this Valentine’s Day as the 2013 Discover Valentine’s Day survey finds that the majority of couples prefer spending quality time together over receiving an expensive or elaborate gift.

Celebrants of Valentine’s Day, one of the most widely recognized holidays around the world, also indicated they most enjoy receiving traditional gifts such as flowers, gourmet chocolates and casual dinner dates from their partners.

Money Doesn’t Buy Love

When it comes to spending, more than half of respondents won’t be shelling out for a costly vacation getaway or dinner date this Valentine’s Day. Twenty-eight percent of both men and women are planning to spend nothing, nada, zilch, followed by:
  • $1 to $25, 45 percent
  • $26 to $50, 17 percent
  • $51 to $100, 8 percent
  • $101 to $200, 2 percent
  • $200 or more, 1 percent

More than half of respondents, 53 percent, said they plan to spend about the same as they did last year, while 7 percent plan to spend more and 25 percent plan to spend less.

For many shoppers, the urge to save is stronger than the urge to spark romance with a pricey gift. When asked to choose which factors will most influence their spending plans, results came out in the following order:
  • Want to save more
  • Less money this year than last year to spend
  • Concern over the economy
  • Recent holiday spending
  • Concern over job security

The majority of shoppers share the belief that the amount they spend does not necessarily represent their affection, as 83 percent say they do not change their Valentine’s Day spending to demonstrate their feelings.

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