Wall Street Webcasting Presents Wells Fargo Securities: To “Short” Or Not To “Short” (Treasuries)?

Wall Street Webcasting presents exclusive video of Rich Gordon, the highly regarded Fixed Income Market Strategist of Wells Fargo Securities (NYSE: WFC). This week Gordon focuses on Treasuries.

Is there a potential shift out of bonds and into stocks? The recent gains in the stock market, at the expense of the Treasury market, seem to indicate that there is. However, in the past three years there have been similar moves in Treasuries, where it appeared a shift would happen, but didn’t. Each one was a temporary back-up in yields.

Gordon warns that “this could be the year the Treasury market becomes completely unhinged, with negative double digit total returns a possibility that no bond manager wants to have.” On the other hand, the past five years have also given us a very healthy respect for the potential demand of Treasury bonds.

To hear the four perks to investing in Treasuries, despite the uncertainty, tune into Wells Fargo Securities’ newest video.

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