1 We use the term NMV per share when we discuss the value of the Company. We define the term NMV, as used in this release, as the product of multiplying the number of kilograms of indium held by the Company at any given date by the spot price for indium as published by Metal Bulletin PLC and posted on Bloomberg L.P. for such date, plus cash and other Company assets, less any liabilities divided by the Common Shares outstanding as of such date. The use of the term NMV is a non-US generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP)financial measurement. The Company's GAAP net book value (NBV) per Common Shares was approximately $3.24 2 on January 31, 2013. The difference between such GAAP NBV and NMV at January 31, 2013 is attributable to the excess of the indium spot price over GAAP book value of indium.

2 Calculated based on the number of Common Shares outstanding exclusive of all options and warrants outstanding because their effect would be anti-dilutive.

3 The original cost per kilogram of indium is different from the carrying value determined under GAAP as a result of lower of cost or market adjustments due to changes in the spot price of inventory recorded on a quarterly basis.

4 Market value of indium inventory is determined based on the spot price of indium ($532.50 per kilogram) published by Metal Bulletin PLC and posted on Bloomberg L.P. (Bloomberg L.P. is not regulated or government approved) times the 47,017 kilograms in inventory at January 31, 2013. Such amount differs from the carrying amount of inventory under GAAP.

5 All financial information is unaudited.

About SMG Indium Resources Ltd.

SMG Indium Resources Ltd. purchases and stockpiles the metal indium and believes it maintains the largest strategic stockpile of indium held outside of the People's Republic of China. Our strategy is to achieve long-term appreciation in the value of our indium stockpile, and not to actively speculate with regard to short-term fluctuations in indium prices. Our indium is insured and physically stored at a Brink's Global USA facility located in the United States. Our shareholders have the ability to effectively purchase an interest in indium in a manner that does not directly include the risks associated with ownership of companies that explore for, mine or process indium. For more information please contact: info@smg-indium.com