Cohu’s Semiconductor Equipment Group Introduces Next Generation Gravity-feed Handler

Cohu, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:COHU) Rasco subsidiary announced today the introduction of its next generation gravity-feed handler, Saturn.

Saturn is a scalable, modular handler that sets the benchmark with a fast index time mechanism, enabling a significant increase in productivity, particularly for short test time applications.

“With our patented Hybrid Plunger, we combined the reliability and simple changeover of pick & place mechanisms with high speed gravity handling of small semiconductor devices. The result is a dramatic increase in daily output compared to traditional gravity systems,” said Alexander Waldauf, Managing Director of Rasco.

Saturn is available in various input and output configurations, including bowl-feed, tube, metal magazine and later this year tape & reel output.

About Cohu:

Cohu is a leading supplier of test handling, burn-in, thermal subsystems and MEMS test solutions used by the global semiconductor industry as well as a supplier of microwave communications and video equipment.

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