Making this new scheme even more heinous is the banksters have coupled this "innovation" with "the return of no down payment mortgages.

It gets better. Because the banksters are actually forced to back these loans with their own money -- the government won't insure zero down-payment mortgages -- they have "attached some strings."

The chumps receiving these "special" double mortgages must pledge vast amounts of additional assets as collateral in order for the banksters to bestow upon them the honor of two mortgages at the time of purchase. Of course what is actually happening here is high net-worth home buyers (who could easily finance a down payment) are borrowing the down payment (the second mortgage) -- and under extremely onerous terms.

The consequences of this new innovation should be clear to all who have begun to master dynamic analysis. Expanding credit leads to higher debt-levels and higher prices as the banksters blow up their next bubble, while the additional collateral means the banksters can steal much more of the chump's wealth when their bubble bursts and the foreclosure process begins.

I thought the U.S. now had a "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau"? Guess I was wrong...

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