Non-IFRS basic and diluted EPS in third quarter 2013 were RMB0.03 (US$0.01), which represents the equivalent of RMB0.25 (US$0.04) per ADS.

The weighted average number of ADSs used to calculate basic and diluted earnings per ADS for third quarter 2013 were 32,273,875.

Common Shares

Sky-mobi had 258.2 million common shares outstanding as of December 31, 2012, or the equivalents of 32.3 million ADSs outstanding.

Other Operating Data

The following table sets forth total user downloads of our single-user applications and content titles for the periods indicated:
    For the three months ended  December 31,  
In millions  2011  2012 % change
Application Store      
User visits 3,583.3  2,243.5 -37.4%
Single-user application and content downloads    
Single-player games  304.2  252.2 -17.1%
Multimedia applications and content titles  121.7  74.0 -39.2%
Other single-user applications  292.5  273.1 -6.6%
Total Single-user application and content downloads    718.4    599.3 16.6%

The following table sets forth the number of registered, active members and member log-ins in our Maopao Community as of the dates indicated:
  As of December 31,
In millions 2011 2012 % change
Number of registered members  144.1  233.9 62.3%
    For the three months ended December 31,  
In millions  2011  2012 % change
Maopao Community      
Number of active members  16.9  13.0 -23.1%
Number of member log-ins 1,101.5 726.2 -34.1%

Business Outlook

For the fiscal fourth quarter 2013 ending March 31, 2013, Sky-mobi expects total revenues to be in the range of RMB115 million to RMB125 million.

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