10 Items You Should Be Buying in February

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- If you're in the market to make a purchase -- whether it's clothing, a bicycle or even electronics -- there is an ideal time of the year to buy to ensure you get the best deal.

We polled the experts to find which items are best to buy right now.

1. Winter clothes

During the middle of winter, chances are you already have the outerwear you need for the rest of the season. But if you think you'll need a new coat for next year's winter, the time to make this purchase is now.

"In February, retailers still have substantial stock on their shelves -- both online and in store. However, now the stores will clear the winter clothes to make room for the upcoming spring inventory," said Jon Lal, founder of BeFrugal.com.

To move the inventory and clear the shelves faster, stores use February as a time to offer discounts.

2. Electronics

February is also prime time to make that big-ticket electronic purchase.

"For plenty of consumer electronics, the product cycle runs around the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and availability of those new products is in the months following. As a result, retailers need to clear out the current inventory to make room for the new items," Lal says.

As with outerwear, the electronics sitting on the shelves now will need to be discounted to make room for items from CES.

3. Furniture

Whether you're furnishing a new home or just one room, this is undoubtedly a major expense. Making this purchase in February is bound to save you some money.

"Furniture manufacturers tend to roll out new designs in the spring. In February the retailers will be making room for newer models, hence why we'll see more deals," Lal says.

4. Spa treatments

On Super Bowl Sunday, more than 100 million people will be glued to their televisions watching the game. If that's not up your alley, think about some Super Bowl alternative activities, such as heading to the spa.

"It's a slow day for spas, so they'll offer an incentive or bargain. Simply call up the spa and see if there are any discounts for the day as a way to attract more customers," says Jeanette Pavini, a Coupons.com savings expert.

5. Air conditioning unit

As the winter weather hits most of the country, no one is thinking about air conditioning, making this the ideal time to buy an air conditioning unit for next summer.

"Scoring the best deals comes down to thinking about what products are out of their natural season, and if you happen to be in the market for these items, you'll get a better deal," Lal says.

6. Prom and wedding dresses

Don't wait until the spring or summer months to buy a wedding or prom dress. "Wedding season is during spring and summer, while winter is a lot slower," Lal says.

And during slow seasons, that is when retailers put forth the discounts. Notice the pattern?

7. Valentine's Day items

Aside from chocolate and flowers, think of all the other items consumers typically buy for their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Lal says perfume, as well as Broadway show tickets, will be discounted in the days leading up to Valentine's Day.

8. Ski equipment

If you're looking to replace your old ski gear, now is the time.

"The end of the ski season is a great time to score deals on ski equipment from sport shops and resale sport shops. The stores want to clear out the old inventory to make room for the new models," Pavini says.

9. Luggage

The travel industry is slow in February, making this the best month to buy luggage.

"You can get luggage at any of the major stores, but check out coupon codes for both online and in-store luggage deals," Pavini says.

10. Bikes

In keeping with the off-season buying theme, another item that's not typically bought in February is a bicycle. Instead of waiting until the warmer months to buy a bike, Lal suggests making that purchase now.

And you'll have better luck by heading to the some of the smaller bike shops in your area, as they tend to have more room and flexibility when it comes to negotiating the price down even further.

Gamm is the founder of the personal finance website HelpSaveMyDollars.com. He has appeared on NBC's TODAY, MSNBC and CNN. Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter.

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