MFS Announces Closed-End Fund Distributions

MFS Investment Management ® (MFS ®) announced today monthly distributions of the following closed-end funds, all with declaration dates of February 1, 2013, ex-dividend dates of February 12, 2013, record dates of February 14, 2013, and payable dates of February 28, 2013:
Fund (ticker)    

Income/ Share

Other Sources/ Share*

Total Amount/ Share
MFS® California Municipal(AMEX: CCA)     $0.0500     $0.0000     $0.0500
MFS® Charter Income(NYSE: MCR)     $0.0530     $0.0000     $0.0530
MFS® Government Markets Income(NYSE: MGF)     $0.0000     $0.040880     $0.040880
MFS® High Income Municipal(NYSE: CXE)     $0.0270     $0.0000     $0.0270
MFS® High Yield Municipal(NYSE: CMU)     $0.0240     $0.0000     $0.0240
MFS® Intermarket Income(NYSE: CMK)     $0.0370     $0.0000     $0.0370
MFS® Intermediate High Income(NYSE: CIF)     $0.0210     $0.0000     $0.0210
MFS® Intermediate Income(NYSE: MIN)     $0.0000     $0.043650     $0.043650
MFS® Investment Grade Municipal(NYSE: CXH)     $0.0460     $0.0000     $0.0460
MFS® Multi Market Income(NYSE: MMT)     $0.0400     $0.0000     $0.0400
MFS® Municipal Income(NYSE: MFM)     $0.0370     $0.0000     $0.0370
MFS® Special Value(NYSE: MFV)     $0.0000     $0.058290     $0.058290

*Distribution from "Other Sources" may contain sources of income other than ordinary income, such as short term capital gains, long term capital gains, or return of capital, which can not be determined until the close of the fund's fiscal year end. Distributions that are treated for federal income tax purposes as a return of capital will reduce a shareholder‘s tax basis in his or her shares and, to the extent the distribution exceeds a shareholder‘s adjusted tax basis, will be treated as a gain to the shareholder from a sale of shares. Please see the fund's most recent dividend source information available from payable date at for the breakdown of the distribution.

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