WHY: If a young child climbs up open dresser drawers, the dresser can tip over and pose a risk of entrapment.

INCIDENTS: A report of a two-year-old boy from Barrington, Ill., who reportedly suffocated when he climbed on or up an open lower drawer into the second dresser drawer, causing the dresser to fall and entrap the child between the unit and the floor.

HOW MANY: About 300.

FOR MORE: Call Gemme Juvenile at 855-364-2619 or visit www.chelseawallanchors.com to receive the free wall anchor kit. Free retrofit kits that contain wall anchor straps are being offered to consumers to help prevent the dresser from tipping.


DETAILS: Sportspower BouncePro 14-foot trampolines. The recall is an expansion of a May 2012 recall. The updated recall involves trampolines model TR-1686-TPR. UPC code 687064045552 or 687064042100 is printed on the product's box. Sportspower BouncePro 14 is printed on a plate on the leg of the trampoline frame. The trampolines are surrounded by enclosure netting on the perimeter of the trampoline measuring about six feet high. They were sold exclusively at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. from Feb. 2009 through March 2011.

WHY: The enclosure netting surrounding the trampolines can break, allowing children to fall through the netting and be injured.

INCIDENTS: Sportspower has received an additional nine reports of the enclosure netting breaking since the May 2012 recall. There have been five reports of injuries including broken bones, back and neck injuries and bruises.

HOW MANY: About 120,000. About 92,000 were recalled in May 2012.

FOR MORE: Call Sportspower at 888-965-0565 or visit www.sportspowerltd.net and click on "Recall Information" at the bottom of the page for more information, or send email to the firm at customerservice(at)sportspowerltd.net


DETAILS: Magnet Balls Manipulative Magnet sets made by SCS Direct Inc. The Original and Rainbow Bright interactive magnet sets were sold in a cylindrical silver tin. Each puzzle set contains 216 spherical high-powered magnets that are 5 millimeters in diameter. The magnets were sold in silver and multi-color sets on Amazon.com from Aug. 2010 through May 2012.

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