WHY: Debris such as leaves, hay and, grass in wet terrain areas can collect in the vehicle's exhaust pipe area in a short period of time. A hot exhaust pipe and accumulated dry debris poses a fire risk.

INCIDENTS: 18 reports of fires related to accumulated debris in the exhaust pipe area, including one minor burn to the hand.

HOW MANY: About 25,000.

FOR MORE: Call 888-638-5397 or visit www.can-am.brp.com and click on "recall information" under the owner center for more information.


DETAILS: Columbia Omni-Heat men's and women's electric heated jackets. They are polyester and have the Columbia name printed on the front upper left side. The jackets have two battery packs located in inner pouches. The recall includes the following men's jackets: Circuit Breaker II Jacket with model number SM7051, Electro AMP Jacket with model number SM7061, Electro Interchange Jacket with model number SM7886, and Electric Big Game Interchange Jacket with model number HM7198. The recall also includes the following women's jackets: Circuit Breaker II Jacket with model number SL7022, Electro AMP Jacket with model number SL7021, and Electro Interchange Jacket with model number SL7885.

WHY: The heated inner wrist cuff can overheat, posing a burn hazard.

INCIDENTS: No incidents of jacket wrist cuffs overheating were reported in the U.S. The firm received reports of one incident in Europe and one in Canada. No injuries were reported.

HOW MANY: About 9,600 in the U.S. and 640 in Canada.

FOR MORE: Call 866-201-9073 or visit www.Columbia.com , click on Recall Information at the bottom of the page, then select 2012 Heated Jacket Recall.


DETAILS: Natart Chelsea three-drawer windowed dresser bearing model number 3033. The dressers were sold in five finishes Cappuccino, Cappuccino with a brown top, Ebony, Ebony with a brown top, and Antique or French White. A sticker with the word "Natart" and the firm's logo is affixed to the inside of the top drawer. In addition, most dressers will have the model number, "Natart Juvenile," ''Made in Canada" and "Chelsea 3 Drawer Dresser" printed on another label located on the back of the dresser. The dresser is part of the Chelsea children's bedroom furniture collection. They were sold from Jan. 2005 to Dec. 2010.

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