Recalls This Week: Children's Dressers, Magnets

By The Associated Press

Two lines of children's dresser's that pose a risk of tipping over and injuring or killing children are among this week's recalled consumer products. Magnet sets that can be dangerous if swallowed and defective child-proof containers for vitamins and medication are also being recalled.


DETAILS: Four-drawer dressers made by Million Dollar Baby. They include the "Emily" style with M4712, M4722, M4732, and M4742 and similar "Ryan" dressers with the model M4733. The dressers were sold in five finishes: Cherry, Ebony, Espresso, Honey Oak and White. The model number, "Million Dollar Baby" and "MADE IN TAIWAN" are printed on a label located on the back of the dresser. They are part of the DaVinci children's bedroom furniture collection. The dressers were sold from Jan. 2006 through June 2010.

WHY: When a young child climbs up on open dresser drawers, the dresser becomes unstable and poses the risk of tipping over and hurting the child. Million Dollar Baby is offering free retrofit kits with tip-over restraints to consumers who have older dressers. Included in the kit is an adhesive warning label that consumers are to attach to the dresser, which describes how to prevent tip-over injuries.

INCIDENTS: Two reports of deaths associated with these dressers. An 11-month-old boy from Tulsa, Okla., and a 20-month-old girl from Camarillo, Calif., were reported to have suffocated when their dressers tipped over, trapping them between the dresser and the floor.

HOW MANY: About 18,000.

FOR MORE: Call Million Dollar Baby to receive a free retrofit kit that contains a wall anchor strap, which attaches to the dresser and wall to help prevent the dresser from tipping. The kits can be ordered by visiting and clicking on Safety HQ or by calling 888-673-6652.


DETAILS: Can-Am Commander side-by-side vehicles, including 2011, 2012, and early 2013 models. The model name is printed on the vehicle's side panel. The 2011 models included in the recall are the Commander 800R and 1000, Commander XT 800R and 1000, and the Commander X1000. The 2012 models are the Commander 800R and 1000, the XT800R and 1000, the X1000, and the limited 1000. The 2013 models include the 800R and 1000, the XT800R and 1000, the X1000, the limited 1000, and the DPS 800R and 1000.

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