Lindsey Bell: Now, what does it mean for our energy independence? Don't we need the government to back this?

Jim Cramer: When I say the government needs to be more involved, classically, the government has played a role when something is so big that the market can't handle it. This administration is not that inclined about fossil fuels. But when I say big, here's the problem: The oil tends to be where people aren't. The infrastructure needs to be built up around the oil. These are multiyear fields. The oil needs pipelines. You could say, "Jim, the oil's going to run out one day. You shouldn't move all those houses." But we need pipelines to go where the refineries are. If not, we're going to do it with rail; we need rail line laid.

We have a major shift going on where we can become energy self-sufficient, meaning our balance of payments is going to be much better. Our defense budget can go down.

So we have really a virtuous cycle going on. We're able to create more jobs and these are unskilled jobs, which is terrific. We'll be able to become energy self-sufficient. The government has to try to figure out how to make this happen faster. Maybe you say all federal trucks have to run on natural gas by 2016. That would be something that would do it.

I spoke with Ford ( F) the other day, their CEO, Alan Mulally. They're not even building any natural gas trucks; they're just not. Why is that? Because there isn't enough infrastructure for natural gas and there aren't enough vehicles for natural gas. This is a chicken-or-the-egg situation. The government has to be the chicken. The government's inability to recognize that this is a national issue is keeping us from becoming energy self-sufficient and bountiful. It has to be the government because the market is too small to handle it, believe it or not.

Lindsey Bell: Yeah. Just as far as stocks go, Core Labs is clearly a winner here. Who else?

Jim Cramer: Schlumberger because of Mexico and Iraq. EOG is still going to be a winner, the stock is down because of (CEO) Mark Papa's retiring. Then we don't know. I mean, this is the guessing game. You don't know who has these two other finds.

Lindsey Bell: All right. Well, keep your eye on Core Labs. We need to find more information about those two finds.

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