10 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require A Bachelor's Degree

By David Schepp

With college tuition rates soaring, many people are reconsidering whether they need a four-year degree. Statistics show that adults with a bachelor's degree, in general, vastly out earn their lesser educated counterparts. But could you earn a good salary -- even up to six figures -- with just an associate degree from a less-expensive trade school or community college?

CareerBuilder (an AOL Jobs sponsor) recently gathered data from more than 90 national and state employment resources and found plenty of high-paying jobs that don't require a four-year degree. While job requirements and pay vary by employer, the career website says these 10 occupations were tops when it comes to pay, based on median wages paid to U.S. workers:

Take a look and tell us: Are these jobs you'd consider?

10. Engineering Technician (except drafters): Helps engineers and scientists in research and development, specializing in various areas.

Median annual salary: $58,698

9. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician: Operates equipment used in developing and testing new aircraft and spacecraft.

Median annual salary: $61,547

8. Fashion Designer:Creates clothing, shoes and accessories.

Median annual salary: $63,170

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer: Diagnoses medical conditions using special imaging equipment such as an ultrasound or a sonogram.

Median annual salary: $65,499

6. Registered Nurse:Provides care and educates patients about various health conditions.

Median annual salary: $65,853

5. Nuclear Techician:Assists in nuclear research and production.

Median annual salary: $68,037

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist: Prepares and administers radioactive drugs for use while scanning patients for abnormalities.

Median annual salary: $69,638

3. Dental Hygienist: Examines patients, cleans teeth and provides other dental care.

Median annual salary: $70,408

2. Radiation Therapist: Treats patients cancer and other diseases through the use of radiation.

1. Air Traffic Controller: Manages air traffic to ensure safe flying.

Median annual salary: $113,547

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