5 Lowest-Mileage Cars You'll Crave in 2013

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- If you like your coffee caffeinated, your meat red and your cars big and powerful, you'll love these vehicles.

All have plenty of cargo space, tons of horsepower -- and the worst mileage of any mainstream 2013 model sold in America.

"I work with a whole bunch of people that buy these cars all the time -- and it's all about performance and vehicle size, pure and simple," says Phil Reed of auto information site Edmunds.com. "There's almost a direct-line comparison between high performance, car size and low fuel efficiency."

Reed says cars with poor miles-per-gallon efficiency estimates can make financial sense if your job or family responsibilities involve toting large numbers of people or tons (literally) of cargo.

"If you've got a big family and you can fit them all into a Cadillac Escalade, that can be more fuel efficient" than taking two cars, he says.

He adds that lots of consumers consider a low-mpg vehicle's roominess and performance worth the added costs over what they'd spend to run a high-efficiency 2013 model.

"Some people clearly think it's a good tradeoff, because a lot of these vehicles sell well," Reed says. "However, you do see a really sharp drop-off in demand on these cars when gas prices spike."

Here's a look at the five worst-mileage 2013s that are widely available in the U.S. market and priced at $100,000 or less.

Listed in order of combined city/highway mpg, the rundown below includes all 2013 models that manufacturers have released U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fuel-efficiency estimates for as of late January. "Base price" refer to the manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding destination and handling charges) for the least-expensive model with the mpg rating specified.

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