Open Your Mind: Amazon Is NOT Netflix

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I understand not wanting to step out of your comfort zone. Truth be told -- it's an issue I have struggled with for years. To this day, I deal with anxiety over things that could possibly happen; as such, it's tempting to want to preserve the status quo in my physical and psychological environments.

But, man, that's a bad way to float through life, especially from an intellectual standpoint. Things change. And even if they don't, there's often a legitimate exception to what you think is the rule.

At times, that thing you can't seem to wrap your head around is indeed the product of an irrational world. That doesn't mean you're right ... right now. It just means that, at times, you'll end up vindicated. I expect that to happen with me vis-a-via Apple ( AAPL). It happened with me on Netflix ( NFLX) in 2011. I expect the same to happen again in 2013 or 2014.

I'm proud of myself for how I'm handling Netflix this time around. I'm executing the intellectual exercise stubborn folk such as myself loathe -- I'm budging. In 2011, when I was certain Netflix would crash, I jumped in the front of the train that was NFLX stock. I refuse to make the same mistake twice. I know Netflix should crash again, but I have been bullish on the piece of paper that is NFLX stock from around $60.

Sometimes you have to budge; at other times, you just have to come completely out of your comfort zone and come to terms with a reality you not only cannot comprehend, but think is patently absurd. That's what bewildered bears absolutely must do with ( AMZN). Quite frankly, the persistent bearish sentiment in the face AMZN moving higher -- almost in a straight line -- has become comical.

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