Apple Hate Has Spun Out of Control and It Needs to Stop

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Call me emotional. That's fine. I am emotional about Apple ( AAPL). No question. However, there's a difference between my emotion and the emotion of folks who make some show of loyalty with their long position in the stock.

I'm clearly and firmly on record with a seemingly confusing dichotomy: #1- Love the company, hate the haters and push back on the nonsense, alongside #2- Don't buy the stock right now. And, whether you have profits or losses, in most cases, it makes sense for long-term investors to stay away.

My CNBC hit with Carl Quintanilla made the case in plain English: This is a depressing situation.

It hit the most absurd mini-crescendo this morning when Apple issued a press release to announce availability of a 128GB iPad. Pardon my Canadian French, but we're all adults here -- I'm straight pissed off about some of the reaction I saw to this news on Twitter.

But first, our resident he's so geeky he needs professional help tech authority Chris Ciaccia -- a man who can control his emotions much better than I (though I know he must be seething as well) -- gives us his take on this slightly different version of the existing iPad. Enter the sane and logical voice of reason:
The 128 GB iPad is a smart move by Apple. Not only is it expanding its reach to include people who want content on their devices and not in the cloud, like artists, it's really geared towards enterprise. The business community is increasingly using the iPad instead of PCs when it comes to document creation, spreadsheets, presentations and the like, and added storage is what they need to replace PCs to get the job done.
Not only does it expand the reach of more buyers for the iPad, it should also aid margins. By charging $100 more for an extra 64 GB worth of storage, Apple is increasing margins as it relates to NAND flash, of which Apple is one of, if not the largest buyer of flash storage in the world. It's a very shrewd move by Apple, and one that should benefit shareholders over the long haul.

SPOT freaking on!

That's what Chris sent me via email. Whenever big tech news breaks, I ask him for reaction. It's always like that -- sound, straight and to the point. So follow Chris on Twitter.

But here's why I'm angry.

Apple is not here for our entertainment. It doesn't exist to fill the voids we have in our lives.

Yeah, I'm getting older as well. I can't quite lose this slight gut I have developed. I don't have sex as often I used to. I suck at playing guitar. At times, I can be bitter towards the world. I live in a perpetual state of fear that "The Big One" will hit California. We've all got our "problems."

But, for some reason, and I am not sure the haters even realize what they're doing, we expect Apple to come along and ease our anxiety, Moscone Center presentation after Moscone Center presentation.

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