NYSE Euronext Companies Offer Enhanced Corporate Governance Solutions

Corpedia and Corporate Board Member, both NYSE Euronext Companies, have partnered to offer a multi-tiered suite of products to help companies more effectively manage corporate governance responsibilities. The Corporate Governance Leadership Suite consists of three tracks, which include comprehensive tools and resources to help senior governance officers advance the dialogue for compliance and governance best practices.

Through membership in Corpedia’s enhanced Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), the Ethics & Compliance Track helps companies navigate complex regulatory and legislative mandates. BELA promotes continual advancement of corporate ethics and compliance, by empowering members to raise the public profile of ethics as an important part of an organization’s competitive business strategy.

Governance-related policy changes introduced in recent years have increased the focus on the experience and qualifications of corporate directors. The Board Leadership Track, provides boards of directors, corporate secretaries and general counsel unlimited access to a wide-variety of educational opportunities including Peer Exchanges, live events and webinars, and exclusive thought leadership through Corporate Board Member’s Board Leadership Program.

Additionally, the Governance, Risk and Compliance Track (GRC), includes all of the benefits of the Ethics & Compliance and Board Leadership Tracks, plus insights, comparative metrics, and recommendations for improvement. The track also features a subscription to Corpedia’s benchmarking tool, Compliance Program Advisor (CPA), plus, five Board Governance Training Videos.

“Close to 150 member companies, including private companies, non-profits and large public companies, like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Pepsi-Co, currently benefit from one or more of the services offered through these tracks. Due to recent guidelines set forth by the SEC and the DOJ, plus, investors continual demand for improved corporate transparency; governance, oversight, and compliance have never been more important,” said John McGonegal, Vice President, Board Services.

“Participation in the programs offered through this suite has been very valuable to our business,” said Mark Ohringer, Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Jones Lang LaSalle. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative for companies to continually think about how they keep their officers and directors informed about regulatory changes, best practices in ethics and managing enterprise risk. We’ve found that the content, training, and peer-to-peer interaction available through these programs provide invaluable insight and create a competitive advantage for our business.”

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