Noninterest income for the fourth quarter of 2012 totaled $14.1 million, an increase of $0.5 million, or 4.0%, over the third quarter of 2012 and an increase of $0.2 million, or 1.7%, over the fourth quarter of 2011. The increase over the third quarter of 2012 reflects higher deposit fees of $0.4 million and wealth management fees (trust fees and retail brokerage fees) of $0.1 million. The favorable variance compared to the fourth quarter of 2011 was driven by higher deposit fees of $0.2 million. For the full year 2012, noninterest income totaled $55.2 million, a decrease of $3.7 million, or 6.2%, from 2011 attributable to a reduction in other income of $4.6 million, data processing fees of $0.5 million, and wealth management fees of $0.4 million, partially offset by higher deposit fees of $0.3 million, mortgage banking fees of $0.9 million and bank card fees of $0.6 million. The decline in other income was primarily attributable to a $3.2 million gain from the sale of our Visa stock recognized during 2011 and to a lesser extent a reduction in gains from the sale of other real estate properties. Data processing fees declined due to a reduction in the number of banks that we process for as two of our user banks were acquired and discontinued service in early 2011. The reduction in wealth management fees reflects a decline in trust fees reflective of a lower level of assets under management due to account distributions, and a decrease in retail brokerage fees due to lower client trading activity. The increase in deposit fees was driven by a lower level of charged off checking accounts and improved fee collection experience. Increased loan origination volume drove the higher level of mortgage banking fees reflecting increased home purchase activity in our markets. The increase in bank card fees was attributable to an increase in active cards and higher card utilization.

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